Inbound Marketing

To know better about Inbound marketing. Let us first know about marketing and sales. Most people get confused with marketing and sales being the same thing or that sales lie under marketing only.


It is the aspect of building a relationship with customers, in order to convince him and attract towards the product and services.

  • It is done pre-sales
  • It helps in nurturing the sales or get leads for sales of products or services.


It is the process of selling the product or service to the customer.

  • It is done after marketing.
  • Marketing leads helps in the sales of products and services.

Marketing and sales go together as if leads are generated or advertisement is done but sales are not done properly it won’t be helpful similarly if the leads are not generated then it would be difficult to get sales.

There are mainly two types of marketing

  • Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing


In this type of marketing, we push or force customers to buy our products or services. In other words, when a business tries to get customers or do its brand awareness by forcing themselves or gives them information about their product or services without their consent.

It is done majorly by trade shows, seminars, cold calling or doing spam emails and messages.

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Inbound Marketing, we try to pull our potential customers. In other words, inbound marketing is helping customers to solve their problems.

In it there is

  • Human touch
  • Reach
  • It is a user initiative, which means marketing the product or service on the basis of need or want which customer wants.

Now a day’s customer does not like it when companies force them to buy their products or services. Such as many companies do cold calling, spam emails by getting information from different sources about their products. They force or try to get in touch with customers for buying their products or services without their consent.

Before buying any product, people like to do research these days, and then think of where to buy it. This is where inbound marketing takes place and helps businesses to get information about the users looking for similar kinds of products or services. As the majority of people are not ready to buy the product from places where they search about it.

  • Around 95% of people do research and still not prefer to buy it.
  • Among this 95 % of people, only 70% buy products either from you or your competitors.
  • 80:20 rule which means 20% of the consumers give 80% of the business.

There are mainly three phases of Inbound Marketing.

Phases of Inbound marketing which includes attraction.


To attract customers and get engagement from them using content.

  • Such as if we show ADS, engagement is clicking on Ads.
  • If a person is going on our landing page then the user is filling up the form.
  • When a person visits our website, the user is trying our product or service.
  • Suppose an email is sent to the user, the user clicks on that link.

Audience aggregation or segmentation can be done in this phase

It can be done with the help of

  • ·       Blogging
  • Bloggers outreach
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Optimization
  • Creating Communities on social media
  • Content Marketing


A conversion of the audience can be done by improving the landing page of the website. In other words, the landing page should be as such that it does not take the user out of his comfort zone. The use of info-graphics and blocking questions can ease it and helps in increasing the conversion rate. A Blocking Question is a type of question that makes the user relate themselves with the product or service.

  • Convince the user about the opportunity.

3. Nurture leads to sales

The leads generated are needed to be converted into sales, for it we need to create a sense of urgency among them.

Trigger a purchase action among them

  • Educate them about usage
  • Removal of the barrier
  • Reward Loyalty

In order to get more updates like this and understand more about marketing, please stay tuned.

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