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What if I say, the colour of an object has some impact on your decision making. Would you believe it? Is it astonishing to you? I don’t know about you but it was astonishing for me. We all have come across a situation in our life where we had taken a decision based on the colour of an object.


This toy is of yellow colour mom. Yellow is shit. I don’t want a yellow toy. Mom, get me that red one. Red is so cool. But I like the while one as well. Forget the red, let me go for this white toy.

Yes, for once we all had done this shit to piss our parents well. 

Actually, the thing about colour is – it has some link with our emotions. Every colour makes us feel good or bad. Like it wants to convey a message to us. There are many experiments that prove – a consumer tends toward a much fancy product as compared to the basic one. Similarly, an advertisement with lots of colours is more catchy to the buyer. Thus we can say that overshadowing the importance of colour in marketing is something you can’t afford.

Let’s see how successful marketers in the world use this colour strategy to give a boost to their sales. To get along with the concept, I am going to tell you something even a nursery child can answer. 

Do you know about the Primary colours? Primary colours are the fundamentals. We use these colours to make other colours. To be very particular, these are Red, Yellow and Blue.



One word for red is – “Dominate”. The impact of red colour on customers is huge, that’s why all the marketers tend to use it more often. When we see a red colour somewhere, it not only catches our eyesight but also let us move in that direction with an exclamation – “what’s that?”

The movies show to us, when its love, it’s red and when it’s death its red. Thus we can say that red symbolizes both love and anger. “love” and “anger” are emotions, that have a huge impact on our psychology. So it becomes really hard for a person to avoid red when his eyes try to shuffle through it.

Do you ever wonder? Why most of the food chain outlets have red as their primary colour?

It’s going to be pretty much scientific here. When your eye catches the sight of red, your body starts to react. There is an increase in blood circulation along with improved metabolism. This eventually makes you feel hunger more. Automatically your feet make their way to the nearby outlet. Now, you can easily make a guess the reason behind KFC’s all-red outlets and red branding over coke’s bottles

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Psychological use of red:

  1. You can use it during the “sale” period to attract people shuffling around to increase the footfall and hence revenue.
  2. Very useful if you colour your food stalls or outlets with red, to make people feel hungrier.
  3. If you wish to start your own adult magazine, red will help you in increasing sales. Red is also good for the adult industry.


“Happiness” is the word for yellow. Psychologically, it helps you being optimistic and tries to keep your positivity at the apex. Try to will justify the logo of famous food brand – “Mc Donalds”. It is yellow for the same reason. They want the customers to feel happy while looking at it.

Snapchat is another example which uses yellow as a primary colour to incite the happy feeling in its user while using it. For the same reason, Amazon has used yellow in its “add to cart” button (since then their conversion rate has been touching new heights)

But if we change the shade of yellow, it has various purposes to sort – like a warning sign. In Road safely boards, yellow is used to show speed limits, added lines, merging roads. Also, it is used in chemical industries to show – danger and explosions.

If you change the shade of yellow to a bit dull and the darker side, you will get the feel of wealth. Gold is a premium example of this. The artificial jewellery is always coated with this dull yellow to give buyers a sense of wealth.

Psychological use of yellow:

  • Yellow would be a great choice as a primary colour if you are intending to do a campaign. This will give a feeling of happiness to the people around and can even make more people join.
  • The best part of using yellow is, it makes a huge impact on the customer’s mind. It let them easily recognize you on next visit.
  • Use it for warning signs. (Example – Limited period offer)
  • Infants products is another niche to use yellow.
  • Marketing of luxury items


Key features of blue are trust, honesty and calmness. This makes a complete sense of why people are using it more frequently over the internet. The lighter shades of blue are the most eye-catching one. You can feel its versatility by looking at the colour of the silent sea and sky. They give you a refreshing feel and make you calmer. If a colour has such versatility, how can marketers overlook its potential of attracting the customers? These are the valid reasons for using blue as primary colours by the companies.

Let’s talk about the dark shades of blue. The dark blue colour symbolizes Trust. All the banks or other financial institutions use blue as a primary colour in their logo for the purpose of developing trust. For example, state bank of India, HDFC, Bank of India and many more. From this, we can derive one inference, that is, blue can be a good choice if you have something to sell, which is intangible (services to be offered).

Another aspect of using blue is Health. You might have seen any health campaign before or any health/hygiene products. They use blue to attract more people to join the campaign or to sell their health products.

Psychological use of Blue:

  1. Banks uses blue to develop trust in their account holders. (SBI)
  2. All services providing companies use blue to sell intangible goods. (TCS)
  3. Social media platforms use blue for developing trust. (Facebook)
  4. Companies use blue for the same purpose.


Colour psychology has proved its importance in the physical market as well as on the internet. You will always be a step ahead of your competitor if you include this concept at every stage of your marketing strategy. You can make a visitor turn to your store, make them feel happy about our presence and can even with their trust by using the colour psychology very effectively

If you haven’t done it until now, don’t waste another minute and give it a try to see how your sale boost. Another thing to put here is, never underestimate the power of even the lamest idea that pops up in your mind. If you think, it will work well for your business test it. After reading this article, if you feel it’s time for you to play with colour, go for it.

If you feel there is more to primary colours, feel free to drop a comment below.

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